Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mantle Of Giving

Vacation is over and it's time to get back to work. Here are the pics from the Mantle of Giving. We dropped off 180+ presents to the Newton Street School in Newark and we had a really great time...

Here's the empty auditorium. I think it's so interesting that 1.) these seats are so old (they look like the originals, don't they?) and 2.) they're so different - all those different seat backs. Weird, right? Like they couldn't get matching ones so they had to get seconds from the factory or something...

Lena & Greta, a couple of my Senior Youth who awesomely took a half day off school to help with the presents.
Lauren, Santa's most Type-A helper, going over the paperwork just one last time.

One of those fabulous Christmas sweaters that just doesn't quit. The wearer shall remain nameless.

The Senior Youth (L-R): Luke, Jamie, Lena, Laura, Greta & Ben
You guys rock.


Senior Youth & Santa!

The first batch of students with Santa and their presents.

Modeling the hats, scarves and mittens!

Toothy smile and a pink scarf/hat combo

Getting ready for Santa


This one cracks me up every time.

Posing with Santa

Trying to get them to say, "Thank you!" in unison didn't quite work out the way we'd hoped, but the sentiment was definitely there.

Waving good-bye

Thank you again, Santa's helpers, and a great, big giant thank you to our major donors this year, the Woodman and his lovely wife, A. You made these kids' Christmas.

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