Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gratitude - Week 4 - Now With Pictures!

1.) Tights! I never wear tights, even though I love them and totally appreciate them on others. So when I saw these at a Hot Topic (a store I would never even think of entering usually but I was waiting for someone) I decided that this St. Patrick's Day could use a little fun.

2. Rules. I know, I know. Rules are made to be broken right? Well, as a Type-A+ personality I have to confess that really love rules. I love making up rules and I love following rules. My inner Kindergartner gets immeasurable pride in rule-following. I love rules the most, though, when they protect me from poorly dressed people. The fact that there NEEDS to be a rule barring men from entering a bar wearing sleeveless shirts, tank tops or bandannas is so wrong. Thank you, anonymous rule-maker for making my day.

3.) My new tea ball! It's pink! And it's got a funky handle! Which makes me giggle! Hee!

4.) Homemade origami. Technically all origami is homemade because it's not made in a factory it's made by someone somewhere folding up little pieces of paper. But when I'm in a meeting that seems to be going on forever and I've been there since seven-thirty am and my cohort beside me hops a frog over to me that she just folded up out of a little piece of a receipt? My happy-factor goes way up. The little guy on the right is a star, which is such a perfect description of my cohort. A total star.

5.) Laughter. The kind that makes your belly hurt. Self-explanatory.

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