Monday, February 14, 2011

Whirlwind of a Weekend

It all started on Friday night when I hit a pothole the size of my desk and babycar went haywire. I pulled her off the road and into a Sears parking lot, called the Beast and waited for help to arrive. While waiting I browsed Sears, a store I almost never frequent for one reason or another.

I discovered that Land's End has a petite section at that particular Sears and omg they have my size. Interesting.

The Beast rescued me and we left babycar overnight at Sears. The next day I met the tow guy and he loaded her up. I called my awesome mechanic, Bill (Sea Breeze in Bloomfield or Belford Tire in Union) and waved good-bye (btw, how much do I love AAA? A whole freaking lot. This is the second time I've needed a tow in six month and didn't pay a penny for it).

Then, since I was already at Sears and I didn't need to follow Mr. Tow-Man I popped back in and omg the khaki pants FIT! You guys, that never happens to me. I'm five-foot-zero and I've got hips, believe me when I say that pants NEVER fit. But they did! So bought two pair! And now I'm set for summertime! Talk about a Silver Lining.

That night after picking up my car I met a friend to see Georges Bizet's Carmen performed in English by the Stony Hill Players in Summit, NJ. This was community theater at it's best. What a performance!

On Sunday after Senior Youth and my voice lesson we saw Black Swan and holy crap was Natalie Portman good. Girlfriend OWNS Best Actress if you ask me. After that we had dinner at Bloomfield Steak House, went home, watched last Friday's Fringe (if you're not watching this show you're crazy!) and fell asleep on the couch.

It was perfection.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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