Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My life is now complete. Franklin Mint has finally come out with the Kate Middleton doll.

The Franklin Mint has introduced this 16-inch doll version of Kate Middleton. It has a "soft vinyl body," and no detail has gone unnoticed, including, the Mint tells us, "the pre-wedding glow" in Kate's eyes. All for a mere $195. It sounds like a lot. But then again, the Mint is quick to point out, the doll's wig is handmade.
Sweet Baby J, I have nothing but gratitude right here. Also? I've got some homemade derision for the suckers who're going to shell out two hundred (shipping and handling, after all) bucks for this ridiculous mess.

In that old game I used to play "Awful or Awesome" I would have to say that this is actually both.

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