Saturday, March 26, 2011

For The Love of Fashion

Oh, my sweet lord. Alicia. I know you're going to work out. It's obvious that you're not dressing up. But seriously, honey, God made maternity clothes for a reason. And that reason was so your giant prego belly could be kept safely under wraps. No one wants to see that thing.

Also, God made bras for a reason, too. He made them because they're good at SUPPORTING the parts of us that need support. Also, bras are really good and dimming the headlights.

Now, obviously I hate ragging on a prego, but Heidi Klum has done this a bazillion times and managed to look awesome throughout both pregnancy and post-partum. Could you please give her a call and get some tips? I'm sure she's nicer in person than on that show. If not for yourself, call her for me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advances.


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