Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can I Get Another Round of Applause

Halle Berry, in the midst of a custody battle that has kept her off Broadway indefinitely, turns up someplace looking absolutely completely smokin'. First, the color of this is just perfect for her skin-tone. It pops.

Second, the cut of the dress is fantastic. Usually an empire waist is used to hide whatever stuff going on in the torso region (baby bump, hamburger with nachos, etc.), but in this case the rest of the dress is skin-tight and Halle is completely stunning.

I even like the sleeves, which you know is something. I normally hate short sleeves but these are all ruched and pretty. I don't love the shoes because I can't quite tell if they're flat sandals or heels, but what the hell. If my biggest complaint is that her heels might not be high enough, I think I should shut up. Even her jewelry is great.

Well played, Ms. Berry. Well played, indeed.

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