Wednesday, June 08, 2011


The Newton Street School in Newark has recently added yoga to the curriculum to help kids (grades 1-8) deal with some of their anger issues. Apparently, it's been a tremendous success, so much so that they're going dedicate a room in the school just for yoga.

The room, while difficult to get, is in a bit of a shambles. My Senior Youth Group decided this weekend to undertake the project of "renovating" (i.e. painting, fixing shelves, etc.).

Any help you can give is much appreciated. You can sponsor a single yoga mat, yoga blocks, yoga blankets, one wall of paint, etc. As much or as little as you like.

I personally am going to work with the youth on the room making curtains, painting, etc.

Specific Needs:

30 blocks - foam

30 yoga blankets

30 straps

30 mats - SPONSORED!

Curtains installed (equipment - they will provide materials for curtains)



iPod player

This is a great opportunity to do something very tangible and very good for kids who wouldn't otherwise get what they need. And it could literally cost you just $5.

Contact me with any questions. Any amount is appreciated.

If you have gently used yoga supplies we'd love to take them off your hands. Thanks!

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