Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kate The Great Slam - Canada/US 2011

You didn't really think I'd let this opportunity go by, did you? Not that there's really anything to Slam, of course. Our girl is utterly charming and delightful. And Kate's pretty awesome, too, huh?


Just kidding, of course. I love me some Wills. I will NOT however be referring to them as Widdleton. I just won't. EVER. It's stupid and dumb and I don't participate and stuff like that.

Shut up.

Shall we get started? There really aren't bad, medium, or good categories, so I'm going to post them in order of awesomeness. How's that?

Gotta be honest: I don't love this. I've never been a fan of lace over anything and this just confirms to me that it looks too much like some kind of nightgown re-purposed for day-wear. I don't think lace can BE day-wear.

I'm pretty sure these three dresses are the same, but I couldn't swear to it.
.It's great, if a little boring.
Though I do love the jacket. On the other hand, could her shoes BE more boring? On the third hand, SUCH PRETTY HAIR! Also? I understand that the fashion in England is to wear stockings with outfits and I heartily approve. It's so passe to do that here but I do it anyway and from now on I can just say, "Oh, yes, well, it's very British."

I like this a lot. It's casual, it's comfy. I don't love the espadrille wedges, though. They seem just a HAIR too grandmotherly.

At the polo match in a belted, patterned dove gray frock that, like the espadrilles, also seems a tad too matronly.

I love the skirt. I don't love the top. It's okay. But it's not awesome.

The L.A. red carpet. Don't get me wrong I don't hate this. I think it's a trifle plain, that's all. It looks like Leisl's nightgown in The Sound of Music, but with a belt. Nice flowy skirt, though.

At the airport in the U.K in a navy dress and blazer. Totally adorable. With lame pumps.

Love this. Red is a great color on her and this outfit is just fab. See that maple leaf brooch? Take note: it'll pop up again. Well done.

Could this girl GET any skinnier? Seriously do they have a treadmill on the plane? Or did she have one brought to their room? Does she sleep or does she exercise all night? However she maintains it, can we all applaud? These skinny jeans and western wear are freaking adorable. Also? The two of them laughing together are also freaking adorable.

Another dove gray number, this time with some lovely pleats and folds up top. Love it.

I think you all already know how I feel about this hat. Allow me to explain how much I also adore the dress. It's very difficult to pull of white. This one is fabulous. The draping, the accessories (hello Maple Leaf Brooch!), the fan shaped clutch. I love it all.

And we have a another color. I'm beginning to think our Duchess looks best in primary colors. She rocked the red, the blue and now this purple. It's another drapy sort of dress than hangs perfectly on her. Love it. Although she might looks a tad TOO thin in this. Just sayin'. Also? Maple Leaf Brooch!

I thought this yellow dress was also fantastic. I didn't love the too-big buttons, but hey, life is short, you have to experiment a little, right? How else will you know what you like and don't like?
Unfortunately, the wind kicked up a bit on the tarmac and our lovely girl gave the paps an upskirt. Sad but true. At least we know she wears undies.

Another great (primary) color on our girl.

And from the front it's even better.

Back to dove gray. God, I love this one. The cuffs on her sleeves. The pointed collar. the matching purse. The fittedness of it all. And she's walking in heels on grass without sinking. She's rocking my world, y'all.

And speaking of shoes, I think I have to say that my only real complaint is that her shoes were so boring. And I don't think it's because she couldn't have fun shoes if she wanted them. Case in point:

Remember these? A little pair of L.K. Bennets that knocked my socks off which she wore with this little number:
My girl can put an outfit together than includes awesome shoes.

That might be all the Kate we get for a while. Now that they're nestled back home it's life in a house with your spouse for a while. That kind of sounds like the title of a children's book. Life In A House With Your Spouse. Something you can read through to prepare for married life...when your seven.

But I digress. From this side of the pond, we wish you guys much happiness. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

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