Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Gerard De-WHAAAA?

True Confession:
In all the hullaballo about Gerard Depardieu peeing on a plane I canNOT believe that no one is mentioning that he looks like he ATE another person. I mean. PUFF DADDY. Boyfriend is BIG these days. How was that not the subtitle on every story?


Why am I the only bitch who thinks mean things like this?

Please, if you know of someone else talking smack about Gerard let me know asap so I can stop feeling guilty.

That is all.


Kara Witham said...

My husband!!!

I mean, no, (thank god),--Gerard is not my husband. But yes, my husband saw the peeing story and told me and said Gerard looked like a complete slob! (Slob is hubby's term for someone who has let themselves go completely fatty).

No, do not feel too guilty.

I feel guilty for not working right now when I should be working.

OK, off to make hollow books!!

PeaceBang said...

BECAUSE HE'S A MAN!!! If it was a woman and she had, like, a little double chin or something, that would be the SCREAMING HEADLINE!!

Kate said...

You're totally right, PeaceBang. How did I not see it before?