Thursday, September 08, 2011

Vacay Pics! You know you love it...

What a week I had in lovely Minnesota.

The biggest drama was when I gave blood and my vein erupted all over the floor, chair, arm rest and my pants.

Yeah. Big fun.

Cleocatra, reclining.

Edgar Allan Paw

Witch-Hazel, in a calm almost docile moment.

Leo, who's completely wild and probably feral,
but will still hang out on the deck and eat the food we put out.

Tacos from Nacho Mama's. Highly recommended.

Something I've never seen before: a Diaper Bag vending machine.
Swear to God.

The Fair!
Machinery Hill is always fun.

Sculpting a tree trunk with a chainsaw.


At first I was like, "Whaaa?"
But then my dad helpfully reminded me that
some people do something called "tailgating".

A mini crop of corn.

At the Creative Arts Building

This was made out of lottery tickets.

Church Airplane

"Camp Why Not"

I love that there's a Snowmobilers' Association

Award-winning Cakes!

A bag made out of jeans and shoes!

And another made out of my favorite: ties!


So beautiful.


A log cabin quilt with wildlife

Frozen, chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick. So yum.

Cream puff. Heaven!

Yes, there were Fried Pickles at the Fair. I didn't try one.

Baby pigs!

And brand-new chicks.

Hells, yeah.

What's not to love about Butter Heads?

Fair(y) Hair

Crop Art!
A Michelle Bachman Scarecrow

You guys, these shoes are made out of CROP.

Don't knock 'em still you've tried 'em.

Sometimes honesty isn't the best policy.

Yes. Mini donuts are always the first thing I get when we go to the Fair.

Going through the Stuff
I found this pic in a filing cabinet with old report cards.
I was six and that's my brand-new banana-seat training-wheeled bike.

Wildlife in the Front Yard.

Wildlife in the Back Yard.

This is the menu from Gulden's Restaurant and Bar where we sang karaoke on Friday night.
All I can say is, I did NOT try the frog legs.

A bag made out of ties that I purchased for my very own.

Ice cream in Stillwater.
Mine is the cookies and cream.
Yes, I ate it all.

Hot German Potato Salad.
Beyond Awesome. Brine's in Stillwater.

Toys from the attic. Do you remember My Buddy and Lil Sister? We do.

Baptism Gown. Worn by all three of us.

My first community dress.
I can't believe I was ever that tiny...

Jem, wearing considerably more than when I found her.

And a huge box of notes, tests, papers, and other crap. Wow. I couldn't pack it, so as soon as I get back all the stuff I saved from going buh-bye I'll start posting some of my old creative writing papers. I was laughing so hard the tears wouldn't stop at one point.

Can you believe I didn't take one damn picture of myself or my friends and fam? WTH? I am ashamed. Maybe I'll do better next time but I doubt it.

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