Monday, November 21, 2011

Mantle of Giving

I have a new crop of Senior Youth this year and they are gung-ho for Mantle of Giving! You might remember MOG from last year. It's where 200-ish kids in Pre-K through 2nd grade from Newton Street School in Newark write down three wishes each and send the wishes to us, Santa's elves.

People can take as many wishes as they like, buy presents and return them to us for delivery. This year, we're delivering the presents on Dec. 19th and we even have a real-life celebrity to play Santa. Shh, can't tell you who or you'd be jealous.

If you'd like to help, please let me know. The ones that break my heart are the kids who don't ask for toys, but instead write down pants, shoes, boots, socks and shirts. Last year a kid in 1st grade was wearing pants that were so obviously hand-me-downs that he had to bunch the waist up in his fist to hold them up. For reals. These are some of the neediest, sweetest, babycakes you'll ever see. Here are some shots from last year to prove it:

Those eyes, boy, they get me every time.

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