Thursday, December 08, 2011

Frosting Love

I bought a sugar cookie mix with a can of frosting last night because there was the chance that that hubs would need me to make something for him to bring in to a holiday thing on Friday. When I got home he said he'd decided that he'd just bring a box of Joe since people don't realize they want coffee until they really want it. Good call by him.

Now I've got the cookie mix and the frosting in my cabinet and they are CALLING to me. My relationship with food has always been a passionate one and right now, during the holidays, it always gets bumped up a notch.

I don't even need the cookies, to be honest. What I really want is to smear the frosting onto a graham cracker or ten and sit in front of the TV watching Scrooged and then Elf for a few hours. I want to enter a sugar coma with this frosting. I want it to want me back. You get the idea.

And really that's it. There's no actual point to this post. I really just felt the need to express my desire because that's what they tell you in therapy. Feel the feelings. When you're done they'll be less ... what? Intrusive? Acute?

Hmmm, maybe I didn't do it correctly.

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