Monday, December 05, 2011


This weekend I took the train down to
Washington, D.C. for a friend's wedding.

I wasn't initially going to go because I knew it would be at least a couple hundred dollars to get there and to stay over and it's Christmastime and
I felt extremely guilty for spending money on myself.

But then someone directed my attention to a great deal on the hotel.

And when I thought about seeing my friends
I decided that I really wanted to be there.

So I went.

And we had an amazing time.

As you can see.

I haven't smiled this big in a while.

One of the best parts were these fabulous cake pops
which were given out as favors.

Mine were a delicious little appetizer to my
breakfast in bed with Harry Potter.


Thanks to my girlfriends for being so damn awesome.

Thanks to my hubs for letting me go play with my friends.

All y'all rock.

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