Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Christmas Trip to NC - 2011

For Christmas this year we once again made the trek down to sunny and warm North Carolina.

Niece 1, Tarrah, poses just long enough to take this,
the girl didn't sit still the whole rest of the trip!

Okay, maybe that's a lie.
Here she is again, posing with her
sister's presents wrapped around her neck.
Which didn't go over too well with little sister, Jayden.

Jayden's back, after retrieving her booty,
draping over her own shoulders,
and walking swiftly away.

And here's Tarrah again posing with her new outfit and Hello Kitty shoes.

A close up of the shoes, naturally.
Aunt Kate knows shoes...




Practically ready to bolt off the couch.

And here's little Jayden, as quiet as her sister is exuberant.
All she wants is to play with her doll.

And maybe dance a little.

And love on a cute puppy.

While in town, Tarrah and I had the chance to play Hair,
one of my favorite games when I was little.
Here's what I did for her.

And here's what she did for me.
I know you're jealous, it's okay.

We also took some family portraits, so at some point I'll have a nice little update with pics that are actually in focus (imagine!). Until then, possums, much happiness and health in the new year.


savvy said...

Awesome pics, baby! They look pretty focused to me... love how Tarrah enjoys playing with us so much, even though its pretty exhausting. lol

Lindsay said...

Wonderful pictures :)