Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Conundrum

I first looked at this picture and thought, "Oh, dear lord, Heidi Klum's spanx have ridden up her waist and popped out the top of her backless mini-dress. How deliciously awful."

And then I looked closer and decided a celebrity of her clout would probably have chosen a dress that either worked with spanx or one that she didn't need to wear them with at all. That beige stuff is probably just the top part of the gown, some design addition to keep from showing crack.

And then I realized that she's chatting with Kim and Kourtney Kartrashian and I honestly can't decide which is more embarrassing: beige crack cover-up or to be seen chatting with women who are famous for having been part of a sex tape.

It's an interesting philosophical discussion, don't you think?

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