Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I was on a such a roll there and then Thanksgiving hit and my daily posts went out the window.

To be fair, we ended up having three Thanksgivings this year.  THREE.  We were invited over to some friends on Thursday, Friday I had the day off so I cooked a big turkey dinner so we'd have leftovers, and then on Saturday another friend had a big dinner just for HER friends.

Three turkey dinners.  Now, this could easily turn into the obligatory "how grateful I am" post, but why be ordinary?  Obviously I'm thankful for all the good stuff in my life in the same way I'm ungrateful for all the weird, annoying and crappy stuff in my life.  Duh.

Instead, let's pause for a second and think about all the time at the gym we'll have to spend in order to work off the cheesecake, the pies, the spiced nuts and eggnog.  Growing up, in my house, the holidays was a time of baking.  We always had a huge pile of chocolate chip cookies on the front porch (there just wasn't room in the freezer and the front porch was COLD!).  The gingersnaps, sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies were all kept in the freezer (there were fewer of those less popular), and every night we could each have two until we ran out.

I know it sounds like we'd still be eating them in April, but between filching them when we weren't supposed to and the grown ups eating them whenever the mood struck, they were usually all gone by mid-January. 

And knowing they'd be gone soon usually led to more filching.  It was a vicious circle.

So I made my first batch of chocolate chip cookies on Friday (it's an old Crocker family recipe and the best I've ever eaten).  I say first because the tradition continues and it will certainly be the first of many. Huzzah!

And so eat, drink, and be merry and bright.   Know that the gym will be there when you're ready, and know that no matter what size you are, we all still pretty much like you.


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