Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Do They Know It's Christmastime At All?

I love that song.  It's one of my very favorites.  And this year, you can do something to let them know it's Christmastime. 

Look, we all have people in our lives who have everything and who need nothing.  If they decide they want/need something, they pop online and just get it themselves.

So what do you get someone like that?  You can get them a cow, for someone else.


Here me out.  Have you ever heard of the Heifer Project?  It's where you buy livestock or plants or basic nutrition for people in 3rd world countries.

A cow means fresh milk to drink and sell.  It's a leg up in a tough world.  The catalog has a ton of stuff available, at all different price ranges.

This year I bought two flocks of chicks (one for each niece) and a share in a cow (for my boss).  These are people who want for nothing, and who'll get a ton of stuff this year anyway.  So why not spend a little on someone else, who really needs it?

Speaking of which, the Mantel of Giving is going great.  We'll deliver the toys next Wednesday the 19th and I honestly can't wait. 

My favorite part of the whole project is watching the kids as each one's name is called by Santa, and going up to get his or her bag of gifts.  They're so excited.  Their little faces are open with wonder and happiness. 

And for a brief moment in time, their lives aren't scary or hard.  These are inner city kids who might not otherwise get presents or hear about Santa.  Being an elf in this process makes me so happy.  Like the Grinch, my heart gets bigger on this day each year. 

Don't you want your heart to get bigger too?  Consider the Heifer Project.  As little as $10 can buy a share in a sheep that will make someone's life much warmer.  Literally.


Happy holidays.

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