Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Royal Babycakes!

CNN: Britain's Prince William and Catherine Middleton are expecting their first child, the palace has announced.

First, I love how everyone still refers to her as a Middleton.  Diana was immediately Princess Diana even though that wasn't really even her official title.  Her maiden name was rarely ever mentioned again.

But Kate Middleton will, it seems, always be Kate Middleton and not Kate Windsor or anything else.

Second, this is the news we've all been waiting for.  Why?

1. They're so pretty.  I cannot wait to see how pretty their babies are.

2. Kate's style is fantastic and I really cannot wait to see what her maternity look is like.

3. We watched Prince William grow up and now we get to watch him become a dad.  I'm sniffling already.

4. What are you, dead inside?  Do I really need to give you four reasons to be excited about this?

Go to hell.

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