Monday, February 18, 2013

Oz Slam

Most of you know that I very rarely do Slams for specific events other than awards shows.  I broke the rules when Kate and Wills crossed the pond (what a glorious post that was...) and I'm doing it again now.  In both cases the purpose isn't really to Slam, but to celebrate.

Rachel Weisz
Boy, marriage certainly agrees with her, huh?  I wish the color weren't quite so tomato-y, but overall I'd say she's stunning.

Michelle Williams 
Very simple yet very chic. I don't love the pattern of falling flowers but the cut of the dress makes me think of a kimono and I could very easily seem this pattern there, too, so I think it works.

Something you don't see on many kimonos? A waist-high slit up the leg.  Just saying.  Still, it adds a level of sexiness that offers a nice dichotomy on the very prim neckline and sleeves.

Mila Kunis
What an Oz All-star.  The delicacy of this dress is perfection.  The just barely off the shoulderness of it is so very feminine and lovely.  It's transporting her to a simpler time and place.  Even the expression on her face seems to indicate that she's being time-travel romanced by Cary Grant.   Or something.  Full marks.  Best in show.  And the shoes are just the icing on the beautiful cake.

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