Thursday, April 04, 2013

It's been a week

...and I'm finally able to crack a joke or two.  For instance, while sifting through the rubble my mom came across my seventh grade school picture.  Apparently, it was so hideous that it just wouldn't burn.


Seriously, though.  We've all kind of turned a corner.  My parents aren't in that horrible Oh, My God state anymore.  Now they're in the Okay, Let's Get This Shit Done state.  There's a plan of action and all kinds of shit has to get done in order to move forward.

They've started to look at floor plans for the new house and we're all moving forward.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by or reached out or sent virtual hugs and good vibes.  They were so desperately needed and we couldn't be more grateful.  There will be surreal moments for a while when one of us can't quite believe we're digging through the charred remains of all our possessions, but then it will pass and we'll get back to the job at hand. 

More than anything this experience has made me fully grasp the extent of disasters like Sandy.  To lose all your possessions, including you're entire house, the physical presence of your house, was not something I could easily wrap my brain around.  And now it is.

Peace out for now.

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