Thursday, May 16, 2013


Nigel after one too many Pimms in Edinburgh.

I sent Nigel home to Mom and Dad last week along with a box of stuff.  Here's the note that went into the box with him:

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Nigel Goodbear (please don’t think less of me because I’m a bear wearing a bearskin hat – it’s a bear eat bear world, after all) and I come from across the pond and within the walls of the Tower of London.  Your lovely daughters were kind enough to rescue me from certain tourists and bring me with them everywhere they went on their excellent adventure, wot-wot.  Photobombing will never be the same now that I’m done with it, wot. 
Inside this box you will find all sorts of wonderful things, both purchased and stolen.  Just for you.  Remember when you tried to teach your daughters that stealing was wrong?  Great job with that.
Anyhoo, it’s pretty much all for you except for the plaid, which is for your husband.  It was purchased (not stolen) in Jedburgh, just outside of Edinburgh, and should keep him warm during the long, cold Minnesota summer that is sure to follow this long, snowy spring. 
Please note there is a bite taken out of one of the raspberry jams.  Don’t fret; Kate did that.  She wanted to try it and she was reminded very quickly that she doesn’t like raspberry jam. 
The spoons (all stolen) are in plastic baggies and labeled with the names of the places from which they were taken.  In some cases the baggies also contain rocks and other items (also stolen) from those self-same locations.
The other bear in here is pretty quiet.  I think he’s still bombed out on the sugar from Magnolia’s Bakery in New York.  He can’t even tell me his name.  You might have to give him one.  Perhaps Magnolia?  Or maybe Cupcake?  Neither are very masculine but, really, neither is he. 
In a few weeks you’ll get another care package (I know, your daughters are fantastic!) with a few more items not quite ready to be included here. 
Cheerio, Guvna!

P.S. The words “Heeland Coo” will become a very important part of your life when your daughters are with you.  They’re fantastic but also kind of weird.  Just go with it.

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