Tuesday, September 03, 2013

On Syria

No one wants to go in and start another war, obviously.  And this is not a new feeling.  A huge majority of us felt this way when Bush was trying like hell to get us until Iraq.  We were so against war in Iraq that he resorted to lying about his motives.  But, this is also the way we felt in 1939 and 1940 when there were reports and a lot of evidence coming out of Eastern Europe that Jewish people were being rounded up and shipped off to camps “for their own good” – or worse, shot in the woods after digging their own graves.  I’m not surprised Russia has no problem with Syria gassing its own people; Russia’s never been a country you could count on to do right by its own. 

I’m not sure I’m saying we should reinstate the draft and head on over there guns blazing, but I also don’t think we should just stand by while innocent people are attacked by their own government.  I voted for Obama twice but that doesn’t mean I’ve been delighted with every decision he’s ever made.  In this case I’m particularly disappointed.  Calling on Congress to declare war and thereby give legitimacy to a military action is a little like calling on the cats living in my garage to give me a consensus on my outfit today.  I don’t think anyone expects Congress to give him the okay.  I don’t think Obama expects Congress to give him the okay.  But he can say he tried and he can maybe sleep at night and those people are going to keep dying because they happen to live in a country where it’s okay for the government to kill its citizens.

The idealist in me wants to ask, “When did we stop being a country that did the right thing?”  And the cynic in me wants to reply, “Were we ever a country that did the right thing for the right reasons?” 


Kristen said...

Truth, woman. Truth.

Kate said...

Thanks, Kristen. I didn't actually expect much support for this post. FB has been pretty vocal about minding our own business. Much appreciated.