Monday, May 05, 2014

Kate The Great Slam - AU/NZ 2014

Possums!!  Award season is so, SO over and yet the gods have been gloriously good to us with a Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand and other parts Down Under.  Have you been as excited as me, watching our Kate parade through life in a seemingly endless supply of haute and other?  

It makes my heart sigh with delight and I will punch in the face the first person who mocks me while my heart is sighing.

Now then, onward?  In no particular order (because this is already taking up half my day):
A couple of really pretty eyelet day-dresses.  
Soft, feminine and elegant, even while walking through the sand.
You can't see it but she's walking through the sand in HEELS.  
As if I didn't love her enough already.

 A casual wrap dress with a pattern I don't love.  
Oh, yeah. I said it.

 Is it awful or awesome that they color-coordinate 
George's outfits with their own?
 I think awesome.

As awesome as his chunky little legs!

 Apparently, our Kate had a little upskirt moment here but I can't find the pic to prove it.  You'll just have to trust me.  Or Google it yourself.  I'm sure it's pretty easy to find.  What you'll see? Ridiculously muscular legs.  Because she's not perfect enough.

Gotta be honest: I'm not loving the pillbox hat.
I am loving George trying to make a break for it.

 Another geometric pattern and again I'm not in love.  

 This on the other hand is gorgeous.  
Understated and sleek, but delicate and feminine, too.

 I feel like this caption would be: 
"Seriously you don't even have any hair.  
Your whole job right now should be to make sure that I stay warm and dry."

 This suit is very nice, if a little stiff and formal.  

 Can't go wrong with a little L.K. Bennett.  
Love the colors and the sheer fun of it!  And Mindy Kaling did too...

The week Kate wore this dress Mindy wore the same one on her show.
Great minds, eh?

We've seen this suit before but it's such a nice color on her who can complain?
George, that's who.  So not impressed with whatever he's looking at.

 How long do you think we have to hold these ugly dogs?
Just keep smiling.  This is our JOB.

We've seen this dress before, too, but it's a winner nonetheless.
The bright blue is fantastic, as is George's matching cardy

Easily one of my favorites.  A plunging neckline paired with a floaty skirt?
Sign me up.  Even she looks tickled. 

This I didn't love.  There's virtually no neckline on this 
(you'll have to trust me, I couldn't find a better pic) 
so that the wide belt and long-sleeves made it seem 
ever so slightly Amish despite the bright green.

Another of my faves.  I couldn't find a good pic so I've included a few.

The color is great, the pleats are kicky and fun and the 
hat is making me want to attend a British wedding immediately.

 Seriously, could she be more adorable?

 This seems rather shapeless compared to what she usually wears 
and I can't decide if that's why I don't like it or, again,
because it looks like she's going a little Amish.

 Very similar to another dress she wore last year (I think), 
this is much more in line with her normal style.  
I do think the gathers make for some awkward folds of fabric
but overall, it's very pretty.

I really am magnificent.

 Even when she's casual she's gorgeous.

Shout out to my preppy friend Chris Hogan.
Could they look any more Ivy League than this?
Or more adorable?

 Perfect for Easter Sunday. A pastel but not sickly sweet, simple, clean lines 
(as we've come to expect), and it looks comfortable to boot.  
Also, I love that her hat doesn't match.  
It's a nice contrasting color and it's fun to look at. 
One of my favorite looks of the tour.

 Okay, you know I'm no fan of peplum, but rather than
making her hips look extra full, it looks like the designer  
shortened the jacket so that the extra fabric falls just above where her
hips would be widest, creating the illusion that her waist is extra narrow.
Or maybe her waist really is that narrow.
Either way she looks fab. 

 Another of my favorites. 
It's so different and fun!
I know the queen came down on her and hence
the hemlines have been much lower than in recent years,
but it looks like she's made up for that by choosing fun colors
and interesting cut-outs.  Full marks.

Again George is attempting to make a break for it!
Silly boy.  His mum continues to shine like the sun 
in this fabulous yellow dress.  
I love the panels of color (see how it's white under the side slit?)
and I love how effortless it looks.  

In so many of her looks, it seems like she just threw on dress and a pair of beige pumps, added simple jewelry and headed out the door.  I know the hair and make up process is probably WAY more involved but I think the reason so many women love to look at her is because she's not overly fussy with what she wears and we can relate to needing things to be quick when getting ready.

I'll leave you with one last pic, allegedly her favorite from the trip:
The future king just wants a little cuddle, ok?  Why you gotta hate?

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