Monday, September 21, 2015

Emmy Slam 2015

Hello lovies!!!

Can you believe it's Emmy Season again?  I'm so excited!!!

I'm doing something very different this year.  Rather than wait until all the pics are out online I'm going to compose some very quick thoughts about each look while I watch the Main Event, er, I mean Red Carpet, and then plug the pics in afterward.

I'm worried if I wait until I have time to compose thoughtful diatribes about each we'll still be waiting on Friday.  And I would never do that to you.

I've got my laptop, a glass of whiskey and a very cool hubs who's giving up prime couch time for you.


Amy Poehler
Sexy as hell from the torso up, boring as hell from the torso down
Claire Danes
Chains can be sexy; clavicles aren't usually.  In fact, this dress looks more like a sequined potato sack than anything else.
 Ellie Kemper
I hate this dress almost as much as I love The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Maybe more.

 Elisabeth Moss
I like the color and I like the black edging above but I'm not in love the overall look.  It's missing something but I'm not sure what.  Softer hair maybe.  Seriously, she's so blond now it looks crispy.

Julie Bowen
I love the straps but the rest of it's kind of boring.

Jessica Pare
This has so much potential and I just can't get past the giant pink fabric rose dead center. It's distracting me.

 January Jones
From the waist up I'm loving it, particularly the starfish pin.  It's gorgeous.  From the waist down I want I want to shake her and scream that this isn't a remake of an old Love Boat episode!

 Jessica Lange
Nice color, good cut; not sure what the appliques are up on the straps and her rib cage but I'll go with it.
 Kerry Washington
From the waist up I thought this looked way too heavy but then the camera panned out and I'm loving it.  The tea-length is perfect and the slip up her leg is excellent.  And for once someone listened and did a three-quarter sleeve.  Kudos to Kerry.

 Lena Headley
No one ever accused her a being subtle did they? Still, this is pretty awesome. I really like the diamond pattern and the sequins and even the color, which is great.  She looks like maybe she could have borrowed a comb from a friend but other than that I'm happy with this.

 Mindy Kaling
This is a really tough color to pull off and she's doing it perfectly.  It would have been ever so slightly boring if it weren't for the belt and train, luckily someone thought to add them on.

 Naomi Watts
Love this.  The tea length is so feminine and pretty and the dress itself is delicate and beautiful.
Sarah Paulson
Fabulous hair, love the red lip, and while the dress could have been a more distinctive color I don't actively hate it.

 Sophie Turner
I really like the boldness of this look.  If only her pants had been hemmed.

 Sophia Vergara
How many strapless mermaid tail dresses will she wear before even SHE is bored of them?
Taylor Schilling
I really like this form the waist up and from the waist down it looks like something from Little House.  That bottom ruffle is really awful.

Joanna Froggat
This looks like something Lady Mary gave one second of consideration to before tossing it aside as both too twee and to too smutty.

Kim Dickens
This is okay.  I like that it's midnight blue as opposed to the ubiquitous black but if it weren't for the appliques this would be so dull.

Natasha Lyonne
From the fringe up this is boring, from the fringe down it's awful.

Uzo Aduba
I like the color and I like the heavy fabric and I like the cut and the straps but I am having a really hard time with the weird gray patch.
Anna Chlumsky
I want to like this so much but it's just too noisy or busy or awful or something like that.

Amanda Peet
Finally Amanda has stopped not giving a shit!  I mean, it's black so it's kinda dull but it all matches! And there's some interested depth to the fabric and there's a cut-out!  Praise be!

Aubrey Plaza
How incredibly adult and feminine she looks.  I don't even care that it's black.  She looks completely gorgeous.

Danielle Brooks
I adore her on OITNB but I'm not loving this kindergarten concoction. I love primary colors as much as the next lady but I'm not feeling this.

Gwendolyn Brooks
You can so tell just how tall this woman is by noting how tiny her head looks atop her body.  Not that there's anything wrong with that...and she looks great.  But it's sort of distracting.

Kristen Schall
Loving the midnight blue, loving the train, loving the strapless look.  I wish her necklace was either bigger or a choker.  But I'm not picky or anything.

Kiernan Shipka
WTF, young lady? Did Betty Draper fire your stylist? Go to your room and think about this travesty.

Lavern Cox
Great color, love the green, fabulous shoes (not that you can see them but trust me).

Laura Prepon
I think I made myself perfectly on the subject of shoulder crowns when Kristen Bell pulled this shit two years ago.

Padma Laksmi
There are so few women who can wear this color and it makes me sooo happy.  She's freaking gorgeous, as always.

Sarah Highland
Wow, the straps are so fun and different (you can't see it here but instead of attaching to the back of the bodice they wrap around and meet each other, seemingly seamlessly).  Also, I love the color and minimal jewelry.

Taraji P. Henson
I really wanna like this but the skirt is see-through and the cut-out is a little boring.  

Dascha Polanco
I know I should give her the same crap I gave Taraji but there's something about this look that's really awesome.  Maybe it's the yellow? I know that doesn't make sense because you KNOW how I feel about two-tone dresses.

Tatiana Maslany
At first I was bummed with the pants (what would Allison Hendricks say?) but on the other hand it's a very sexy suit and she looks amazing.  Also, love the shoes.


Heidi Klum
What in the ever-loving gawd is this supposed to be?  A joke?  A circus performer's costume?


Ariel Winters
Fabulous color, amazing cut, love the shark fin up top.  In fact, the shark fin puts it over the top.  She looks completely stunning.

And that's it, lovies!  I had a bunch more but couldn't find pics fast enough.  C'est la vie.

Until next time!  Mwah!!!


Jilliebeanie said...

I am in absolute agreement with your 'Best' choice. She's stunning!

Kristen said...

I didn't watch so I only have your photos to go on, but Lavern(e?) Cox might be my favorite. I don't think I've ever seen that color before at an awards show and it's looks so good on her.
And just to round out OITNB:
Taylor Schilling - agree. Bad.
Dascha Polonco - might just be that photo, but I want to help hike up her boobs. Other than that I like the dress well enough.
Laura Prepon - I actually like the dress and the shoulder crown.
Danielle Brooks - I think she looks great and I love her dress. It just makes me happy to look at her.
Uzo Aduba - The pink looks great on her, the gray gives it interest. I think I'd change the bodice because it gives her a flat/uniboob look. Maybe because it's a pretty heavy fabric. But I still like it.