Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kate The Great Slam - India 2016

Attention, Lovies!!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled caption hilarity to bring you another Kate The Great Slam, this time featuring clothes from the Royal Tour of India!

Are you as excited as I am?  

Impossible.  No one is as excited as I am.

Ready?  Let's go!

Okay, truth, I'm not a huge fan of orange on anyone, but this is really gorgeous. Does the pattern make the skirt look like a long skort, though?  Or is it just me?

Wow, this is unbelievably beautiful. So many of the pieces from the tour include this intricately delicate beading and it elevates something rather simple into artwork.

Another example of this is the dress she wore to the Taj.
The design is beautiful.
But the best thing about it is that it actually works almost as an optical illusion.  The cut of the dress isn't meant to be overly fitted but the beading actually emphasizes her tiny frame. Because it starts higher than her normal waistline, it works as pseudo-empire-waist, which most of us know is probably the flattering of all dress cuts.

I know you didn't need one more pic of them sitting adorably in front of the Taj Mahal.  But I did.
Okay, now THIS.  Is amazing.  Just wait.
That is a damn cape.
A belted cape that allows enough movement to shoot a bow an arrow (badly).  Even she thinks her terrible aim is hilarious.
I'm not overly fond of this.  The skirt looks too much like one of those retro 70s skirts my grandmother used to wear.

Even as a casual hiker she manages to look effortlessly chic.

Different outfit, still hiking, still effortlessly chic.
"Really, you're going to leave your hat on your knee? Playing with fire, there, baldy."

I love this color so much and I love the cut and the pleats and the shear sleeves.  I don't love that it looks a little bit like a tube top without actually being a tube top.

See above my earlier comment on orange.  I do not love this look and I am a little perplexed that they're not as color-coordinated as usual.  Maybe the heat of India threw her off her game a bit?
This isn't bad even if it's a little too busy of a pattern for me.

Okay, I loved this.  The design and pattern complement each other and the three-quarter sleeves complement the length perfectly.  Whoever designed this did an amazing job.
Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so because I heard that it sold out just hours after these pics hit the streets.
More adorable beading.  Or maybe her feeding the baby elephant is adorable and I'm transferring my feelings to the beading.

Awww. Adorable walking.
Great shot of this dress.  It's pretty darn close to perfection if you ask me.

And again, you probably didn't need another pic of them here but I did.

As much as I want to love this dress the pocket flaps (which, I know, are the most interesting thing about the dress) are distracting and out of place.  I wish the designer had let the out-sized collar be the thing people look at.

This is pretty.  Very flattering and feminine and sweet.

We've seen this coat dress before but never with the belt.  As someone who cannot wear yellow I love the way it looks on her: buttery and soft.

And again with the orange.  This is more muted than the dress with all the dots and I mean she looks amazing as always but it's not my fave.

Okay, we have come to my fave.  This is what you freaking call Royal Blue, folks.

The color is perfect and as my friend Angeline says, the beading is a great nod to Indian culture/fashion/heritage without it being culture appropriation (which is far less lovable).

And here's one without the shawl because the neckline is glorious!

One more because I said so.

And that's it, lovies.  So much fabulous, so little time, am I right?

See you next time!!

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